web development

Web development was probably the first profitable skill I developed by working with computers. Here are some examples of some of my recent work.

This website has since been rewritten, but at one point this Ruby on Rails application was developed for the singer/song-writer/musician Jettyrae. The content management system allowed her to upload photos, videos, and music to her site and easily create relationships between them. For example, if she posts a video she has the option of relating to own of her songs. This manifests as links that say something like "I'm playing 'Sunshine' in this video at my 'East Park' show."

I developed this Ruby on Rails photo management application for to allow the photographer to upload photos, manage clients, and create public and private galleries. It quickly evolved to a fullon e-commerce web applications that allows different pricing tiers for photos and integrates with Google Checkout.

Demonstration of content management system

Codename Barnum

I am part of a team developing an open source, collaborative Ruby on Rails social event listing application.


This was a (Ruby on Rails) pet project of mine to improve the time management and resource allocation processes at a previous employer of mine. The goal was to assign tasks (which all required a pre-determined amount of time per person) based on the availability of a department. The result was a system that could assign tasks, re-assign tasks, split existing tasks, and suggest alternatives for time crunched individuals, all automatically.